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Peggy Otto WBF simply means that I don't condon the culling of any puppy based on color.  White pups produced as a result of a breeding I planned are given equal consideration as that of their colored littermates.  White pups are no less a Boxer than any other pup in the litter.  All pups deserve the right to life, love, family and appreciation for the Boxers they are.
Terri Latta A Boxer is a Boxer regardless of color.  They all have the same wonderful personality and are all deserving of a loving and happy life.
Katherine Nevius All Minstrel Boxers are created equal.  No white Minstrel Boxer, nor any white puppy born of a Minstrel Boxer, will be denied the right to bring humor and joy into a new family's life -- exactly as its colored littermates will.
Debbie Champine I believe that any "boxer" is worth saving and that is what we do.
Sil McCall WBF to me means that we as breeders who bring these precious babies into this world are responsible for them just as we are for our fawn or brindle babies..............

If I bring them into this world, they are my responsibility and I stand by them. I love my white babies.

Jennifer Hornsby "White Boxer Friendly" means that white boxers are not only acknowledged and accepted but LOVED! 

If you are looking for a pup, ask your breeder what they do with white pups. If it is anything less than treating them equal to "colored" boxers...find another breeder because reputable breeders take responsibility for all of the pups they bring into this world! Remember white boxers are boxers too!

Amy J. Northrup,
NorCal Boxer Rescue, Inc.
What WBF means to myself and NCBR is that boxers regardless of color are deserving of loving homes.  Doing rescue and dealing so much with the public we are all still amazed at the stigma and lack of education regarding the white boxer.  We are proud to be able to educate the public and potential adopters about the truths of the white boxer.  We are also advocates of rescue organizations taking in the deaf white boxers and NOT judging them for what most people consider to be a handicap.
Jeni Mellott A boxer of any other color smells as sweet...
Mikki Bolduc I do not discriminate just because a boxer is of a different color than stated on the standard. Boxers basically originated from the "white" coloring.
Anne Sandell A Boxer is a Boxer irregardless of colour. As a breeder, I think it's irresponsible to kill white puppies based on colour, they are 100% Boxers and have the right to live with lovely people (just as their littermates). As long as we prefere white markings on our Boxers, we have to take consequences of that and for us it's not to kill our healthy puppis because of colour!
Jennifer Walker The same genes that produced a white Boxer also produced his BIS-winning, Top Twenty littermate.  Since the only health issue related to white coloring is deafness (and only 18% of Boxers - of any color - have any type of deafness), it seems ridiculous - not to mention ignorant - to say that a white Boxer is somehow "inferior" to the colored Boxer from the same parents.
Carrie Holt I believe that we are blessed with what we are blessed with for a reason and I am not one to question what God gives me or why. They are all precious in His sight, and that's all that matters to me.
Nancy White I do not agree with euthenizing puppies based soley on color. They are all my babies, no matter what color their coat is they deserve all the love, attention and dedication I can give them.
Candy at Wildwind We love all Boxers! It makes no difference to us what color a Boxer is, it's still a Boxer. 
We "DO NOT" believe in  destroying any ANIMAL just because of it's color.  We as people do not destroy others just because of color, so why would anyone want to destroy a loving pet because of color. 
Michael Tyler Having a white boxer friendly website means that all boxers are considered equal, regardless of color.  One of the reasons I decided to add a message board to my site is that I found that several other Boxer message board's allowed remarks insulting white boxers.  Whenever somone registers on my message board they must agree to not descriminate against a boxer because of their color.

I have always stressed that White Boxers are treated the same as any other boxer.  And because non white boxer breeding lead to white boxers, I believe that White Boxers should be added to the breed standard.

Kim Rutherford It means that another precious boxer baby has come to earth, and in a pretty white package.  They are just another beautiful boxer to love, and bless someone's life.

I do not condone "boxer racism" any more than I condone human racism.  We are all precious in His sight.

Suzanne Yonts Simply, white boxers are one of God's creatures to love, cherish and provide for.

We should not condone a practice of  "culling/killing" our pets for an undesirable attribute when we would be horrified at the same being practiced on human beings.

Carly All boxers are created equal!  The color of a boxer does not define its character or quality, the family who loves and cherishes it does.
Juno If you genuinely love animals then I see no reason why color should matter. A white Boxer has the exact temperament as a brindled or a fawn one. They deserve as much love and affection. All Boxers are equal.
Robin Pilch All boxers are indeed created equal, and none should require the services of a boxer-rescue based only on the fact that they are a different colour.
Tree Merry All boxers at 'Merry Boxers' are given the gift of life regardless of color.  It should also be apparent that whether a boxer is white, fawn or brindle that they bring an incredible amount of fun, love and joy to the family lucky enough to have them. 
Jessica Harris Regardless of their color, a boxer is a boxer.  They all deserve to be given the same love and quality of life.  A white boxer may be different in color, but he has the same heart as any colored boxer.
Shannon Cole "White Boxer Friendly" simply means that we love all boxers, regardless of their coat color.  White boxers are another precious addition to the boxer breed and they should be treated as such.
Elisabeth Wahlström I do not discriminate just because a Boxer is of a different color than stated on the standard. I love all Boxers!
Eva Norrby I think there is NO reason to why we shouldn`t let them [white Boxers] live!!! They are all the same wonderful, loving, happy, good working dogs, and they are all the same breed. That is something we should not forget!!!
Ingrid Roos I can´t see any reason [for colour] to make a difference when it comes to our Boxers. As a breeder, I have a few white Boxers owned and loved by their owners. The colour is not the reason to get a healthy Boxer. Let them all LIVE!!
Pete Gallagher I believe very strongly that the white puppies we as breeders produce should be treated with the same dignity as their colored littermates.  I believe that white puppies sometimes can and do grow up to be outstanding examples of our breed as far as conformation goes with of course the exception of their color.  As we see more and more "blacks" and "seals" entering the show ring with little objection, I question why the fancy is still so strongly opposed to the appearance of a white!  I'm willing to on go record to let everyone know that my whites will always be treated in the same manner as their colored littermates!
Madeleine Wilhelmsson I think it's time people realize that white Boxers are nothing more or less than a Boxer with wrong colour. And no dog deserves to die just because of it's colour. Let them all LIVE!!!
Mary Ragona White Boxer Friendly means to me that no boxer regardless of color shall ever be culled my me nor anyone owning a boxer bred by myself. I believe they have as much right to live and be loved as their colored littermates.
Karen Stephenson Boxers are boxers regardless of color!  Color doesn't dictate the joy, loyalty and companionship that boxers willingly give to the people that love them.
Jan Cork I believe that breeding for temperament is as important or even more important then breeding for show.  With that in mind, all our boxer pups, whether white or other colours, will always have the right to life, safety, happiness and LOVE.
Heléne Mällström A white Boxer is for me worth what any
coloured Boxer are!  Of course, it´s of the same importance to find good homes
for them as it is for any other Boxer.
Devon Johnston I have two white boxers. They are loving, sweet, loyal, funny, protective, intelligent, brave, cute, strong, healthy, wise, obedient, and great companions. WBF means the white boxer will take their place beside the brindles and fawns and be recognized as the originators of the breed. They will never again be culled, killed or exploited.
Rosalie Sterken Our first Boxer was a white female and we loved her to bits. A Boxer is a Boxer, no matter what color it is. Every healthy Boxer has the right to live and be loved, a white one just as well as a fawn or brindle. There are still breeders that put down white Boxers the minute they are born, because they feel they are inferior. WELL THE HELL THEY'RE NOT!!! (excuse me for my language, but these people make me angry)
Steve Hill White Boxers should be treated the same as any other Boxer. A puppy shouldn't be put to sleep because it doesn't look the "right way" in a breeder eyes. I would love to see White Boxers accepted in dog shows because there are some beautiful White Boxers out there!
Tammy Chamberlain Boxers are great dogs - period.  I don't believe white Boxers should be culled - the whole notion is ludicrous!  It's barbaric!  It's irresponsible to kill puppies because of their colour - or any other similar assinine reason!  They are still puppies, they will grow and have the same sought after characteristic qualities as their coloured littermates.  Haven't we shown our stand on genecide - when gov'ts decide that a race of people should be 'culled' - it's not tolerated....nor should be practice of killing puppies based on colour....
Randy and Judy Pasbrig WBF means to me that all boxers deserve life, it's not up to us to decide that the wrong color should be done away with. 

When we first started in Boxers, all the old timers told us to put white puppies down, they were blind, deaf and mentally retarded.  Throw backs!  We were told, you'd be doing them a favor.  One breeder even told us the whites take all the good milk away from the colored puppies, as if to suggest that they were evil or something!  And we believed them, they had done this for years, who were we to question what they told us?  Then we met a few white Boxers.  We talked to breeders that didn't cull them, which at that time, not culling was blasphemy.  After meeting some healthy white Boxers, that were every inch a Boxer like all the rest, how could anyone put them down simply because they are white?  It's time to step out of the dark ages and treat white puppies the same as all the rest! 

St. Louis Boxer Rescue Having a white boxer friendly website means that we at the St. Louis Boxer Rescue consider all Boxers equals.  It also helps to raise awareness among our visitors to not only their equality, but often times simply of their existence.
Deb Gillis White Boxers are Boxers. Wonderful clowns that deserve as much love as any other Boxer.  I do not cull white Boxers when I breed, nor do I breed with anyone who believes in culling. If I have whites they are sold on mandatory spay/neuter contract.
Amber Gates White Boxers are just as good as their colored brethren, and should not be culled or slighted because of their "overly" flashy coats.  I have had two litters and was proud to announce the births of two gorgeous white females.  One is bilaterally deaf, but don't tell her!  I believe the breeders should be encouraged to sell white Boxers on limited registrations with mandatory spay/neuter clauses.  It is a beautiful sight to see any colored Boxer being a helping hand for their owners in the service industry as well as doing obedience and agility or just relaxing on the couch.
Sarah Anderson
Boxers and Buddies
As a proud owner of two white Boxers, what White Boxer Friendly means to me is that ALL Boxers are Boxers - irregardless of color - or lack there of. We are commited to the cause of no homeless Boxers - all Boxers, any Boxers. As the saying goes, "God only made a few perfect Boxers, the rest He gave color."
Dawn Thompson White Boxers are no less a Boxer than a colored Boxer. They have the same wonderful sense of humor. They bring the same joy to our lives. They are beautiful representives of this wonderful breed, and deserve the same courtesies that are given without a second thought to colored Boxers. These dogs deserve loving homes not old fashioned prejudice.
Crystal L. Beach "White Boxer Friendly" means giving a chance to every puppy, regardless of color, a chance to be a loyal companion and best friend to someone.  A chance to make someone smile every day.  A chance to cuddle up on the couch.  A chance to give lots of kisses.  And most importantly, a chance to live because despite their color, they are all Boxers in the end that deserve love!  My white Boxer, Dane, brings so much joy to me every day and I am so thankful that I was blessed with him! I couldn't imagine my life without him now!
Duane & Terri Harnish White Boxers are just as intelligent, playful, and loving as all other Boxers; and would make a wonderful additions to anyone's family.
Almost Home Boxer Rescue Almost Home Boxer Rescue does not judge a homeless Boxer based on color.  It's our rescue's mission to educate the public on why white Boxers aren't considered 'rare'.  Why white Boxers aren't called 'albino'.  Why white Boxers aren't more sickly compared to colored Boxers.  White Boxers can bean and woo just as well as colored Boxers can!
Micah Watkins Even though a Boxer doesn't meet the standard doesn't mean that they don't make wonderful pets and will bless someone that has the honor of having them as their friend.
Al Olvera A White Boxer is practically the same as the fawn or Brindle Boxers. They are as happy, and they bring the same joy to the owners. They represent the Boxer breed wonderfully and they should be treated the same as fawns or brindles. I would love to see AKC allowing White Boxers to compete in conformation shows.

Peggy Otto/PRO Boxers/PRO Web Design