Boxer Information Pages
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ABC's Code of Ethics
Acepromazine and Boxers
Acepromazine and Chlorpromazine Why Not to Use
Acepromazine - Just Say NO
Acepromazine Warning!
American Boxer Standard
American Boxer Top Twenty
American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (AHVMA)
Analysis of the Inheritance of White Spotting
Animal Genetics
Banding Tails and Removing Dewclaws
Black Boxers
Blue Boxers
Boxer Basics: A Visual Study of the AKC Standard
Boxer Body Styles by Judy Horton
Boxer Breed Columns from the AKC Gazette
Boxer Breed Counsil (UK)
Boxer Coat Color
Boxer Colours and Markings
Boxer Dog FAQ
Boxer Dogs
Boxer Double Digit Club
Boxer Gallery Articles
Boxers of Kellaney Info Center
Boxer Info: What You Need To Know
Boxer Research Base, A Boxer Resource & Research Tool
Boxer Resource
Boxer Teeth Formula
Breed Longevity
Breed Priorities: What the Judges Think - Looking at Boxers
Canine Coat Color - Inheritance and Appearance
Canine Color Genetics
Changing Boxer World by Karin Rezewsk
Coat Color Inheritance
Comparison and Contrast of 5 Boxer Standards
Coping With The Death Of A Pet
Dalmation Dilema - White Coat Colour and Deafness
Deaf Dogs
Degenerative Myelopathy - List of Veternarians
Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) Testing
Dog Breed Info - Boxer
Dog Directory in Spanish - Boxer
Dog Owner's Guide - Boxer
Double Digit Club
Eurozone Boxer Kennel Study Center
Evolving Boxer Standard
Genetic Determinations of Colors in Boxers
Hiring a Handler
History and Origin of the Boxer
Illustrated Boxer Standard
Judging the World Wide Boxer by Judy Horton
Living With a Deaf Dog: 15 Tips to Help With Training and Safety
Localization of White Spotting Locus in Boxer Dogs
Meet the Boxer - A Unique Breed
Melatonin (for treating noise phobias)
Merck Veterinary Manual
My Pet Needs That - Products and Reviews
Pet Proofing - Keeping Your Home and Yard Safe for Dogs or Cats
Plain Judges List
Show Boxer Articles
Spots and White Markings
The American Boxer? A Discussion of Standards
The Boxer Connection
Thyroid Articles
Top Twenty Judging
Twisted Noses and Wry Mouths
Understanding the Boxer Bite
What is a SOM, DOM, and LOM?
White Marking Patterns of Boxers
Wry Mouths
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