Boxer Heart Disease and Testing
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5 Lead Holter Hook-up Instructions
7 Lead Holter Hook-up Instructions
ACVIM Specialist Search
ALBA Medical Systems, Inc. (Holter Monitor sales, tape reading services, ans supplies)
Attaching a Holter Monitor to your Boxer (a video by Dr. Daniela Rosenstreich)
BCM vs Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy
Board Certified Veterinary Cardiologists
Board Certified Veterinary Cardiologists
Boxer Cardiomyopathy
Boxer Cardiomyopathy - Wendy Wallner, DVM
Boxer Dog Cardiomyopathy: An Update (2014) - Kate Meurs, DVM, PhD
Boxer Outreach
Canine Cardiology: A multimedia guide to cardiac auscultation
Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy - Illustration
Cardiac diseases of Cats and Dogs
Colostrum and Canine Cardiomyopathy
DNA Test for ARVC
Global TeleMedicine
Heart Screening Guidelines
Heart Testing Tools
Holter My Dog
Holter Your Dog
Holtering Supplies:
How to Use a Holter Monitor
L-Carnitine and Taurine for Dogs
NCSU Cardiology Care Network
NCSU Veterinary Cardiac Genetics Laboratory (Effective May 23, 2011)
Nevada Veterinary Cardiology
PetCardiology (Cardiac Monitoring for Veterinarians and Breeders)
Veterinary Clinical Cardiology
Veterinary Cardiology Northwest
Veterinary Heart Institute
WSU Veterinary Cardiac Genetics Laboratory (Holter instructions, tape reading service, and supplies)
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